refractory refractory metal pipes

With rising energy costs in smelting metals, refractory refractory pipes have become an effective solution for blowing oxygen and carbon into furnaces. The French company Yazd has done a lot of research to increase the volume of oxygen that passes through the lens tubes. In the production process of Yazd-covered French ceramic pipes, metal pipes are covered from inside and outside under high temperature, and as a result, the life of these pipes is 6 to 7 times longer than other production methods.

Oxygen touch pipes in steel and copper smelters, in electric furnaces, cartridges for injection of carbon and other powders
Blowing argon into pots Melting argon or oxygen in AOD
Flex injection (melting aid) for disinfection of aluminum molds
Open the nozzles in Tandish and Patil
Open the melt path in the blast furnace
Open the slag attached to the gap between the converters and the different types of pots
Increasing temperature during steel smelting in DH, RH and KR processes