Production of arc furnace deltas

In order to produce prefabricated parts of the electric arc furnace roof with a wide range of weights such as 10,000-200 kg, a special production line and equipment are required that all the above-mentioned parts can be produced with the highest quality. If the time interval between pouring multiple layers of mass in the production of large parts is so large that the spilled mass begins to shrink and the vibration is not fully and correctly performed, a poorly unwanted seam will be applied between the layers of the mass. As a result, the means and methods of transportation and disposal must be arranged (in terms of volume and speed of work) so that the work is completed within the foreseen time. After months of researching and evaluating the required equipment in terms of quantity and quality, the French company Yazd has started to manufacture, supply and supply equipment from foreign and domestic manufacturers to achieve this important goal.

The success of most parts of Delta’s manufacturing operation depends on the effective mixing and stirring of the refractory mass. The best results are obtained by mixing refractory mass in row mixers. Yazd French company uses rowing mixers made by the European company FILAMOS with a different capacity of 550-180 kg in its production line. The principle of operation of these mixers is based on the rotation of the mixing arms at high speed in a fixed tank. Mixing is done simultaneously by several arms to prevent the mixture from sticking to the body and bottom of the tank. These mixers have a double layer of abrasion resistance in their tank to prevent the penetration of wall iron into the refractory mass mixture. The refractory mass enters the mixer through a screw-like door that has blades to tear the envelope of material. By creating a tangential, radial and axial flow, the blade mixer blade causes the complete combustion of the refractory mass with water and its uniform connection. Finally, the prepared mixture is emptied into the mold through the movable valve at the bottom of the tank.

Basically, as the refractory mass is stirred and transferred to the mold, air also enters it, or in some parts of the mold, such as corners, may be uneven. That’s why it’s important to use a vibrator to compact the refractory mass and expel air. The use of vibrators not only reduces the amount of air inside the refractory mass, but also reduces the permeability of the refractory mass to various factors. All refractory mass must be poured and vibrated before the initial setting, and even the vibration of the last layer of the mass along with the underlying layer must be present. Although it may be argued that disrupting the refractory mass being trapped delays its timing, this is not desirable. In the production line of Delta parts in Yazd French Company, vibrating tables with a capacity of 10,000-200 kg are used to meet all the mentioned technical issues. By using such things as adjusting the speed and power of the motors, adjusting and replacing the vibration transfer springs, changing the free level of the vibrating table in the technology of making these tables, it is possible to produce electric arc furnace roof parts in the mentioned weight range with the highest quality.

شرکت فرانسوز یزد خشک کردن قطعات دلتا را به دقت و در خشک کن های پروگرام دار که به همین منظور طراحی و ساخته شده اند انجام می دهد رعایت کامل دستورالعمل های مربوطه با توجه به نوع جرم مورد استفاده حائز اهمیت است. پس از حصول اطمینان از خشک شدن اولیه قطعات دلتا، عملیات پخت مطابق با نمودار بدست آمده در واحد تحقیق و توسعه شرکت فرانسوز یزد، آغاز می‌شود. تمامی موارد مؤثر بر استحکام و رفتار نهایی قطعه دلتا مانند نرخ افزایش دما بر ساعت و زمان نگهداری در دماهای بحرانی پس از ماه‌ها تحقیق و بررسی، ثابت و در این نمودار گنجانده‌شده است. خشک‌کن های بکارگرفته شده در شرکت فرانسوز یزد قابلیت خشک و پخت قطعات دلتا با تلورانس ابعادی مختلف را دارند. همچنین این تجهیزات به ‌صورت پرتابل بوده و قابلیت جابجایی در سطح سالن تولید قطعه را دارند که این ویژگی خاص در جهت به حداقل رساندن جابجایی قطعه دلتا قبل از خشک شدن و درنتیجه کاهش تنش‌های باقیمانده می‌باشد.