Mixer machines

M250 mixer manufactured in Yazd, France:
Design and construction of pedal mixer for advanced insulating and refractory concretes in 1998 and at the height of sanctions by the engineers of the French company Yazd!
After success in the company’s QC tests, the M250 mixer was placed in the basket of French products in Yazd with a distinctive quality and competitive with foreign samples.

Mixers made by FILAMOS company with the latest technology in the world:
The principle of operation of these mixers is based on the rotation of the mixing arms at high speed in a fixed tank. The mixing operation is performed simultaneously by several adjustable arms to prevent the mixture from sticking to the body and bottom of the tank.
Mixers designed to mix abrasives have a wear-resistant coating on their tank. Another method is to use a tank made of abrasion resistant materials.

Types of mixers in this family:
A: Standard wheeled machine
B: Mixer for super heavy work (type H)

The mixture enters the mixer through a sieve-like door. The door has blades to tear the envelope. The structure of this door is such that it prevents spillage of material around the mixer. If necessary, the mixer can be covered with a metal sheet to prevent perforation and thinning. The prepared mixture is drained from the movable valve at the bottom of the tank.

The mixing tank has a strong base connection which is equipped with wheels in M50-M250 models. Model M50-M180 is equipped with variables with variable height that allows the material to be discharged at different heights.

To ensure maximum safety for employees, features such as a voltage switch and a motor shut-off switch are used when the mixer door is open.