After-sales service and customer service

In the refractory industry, proper operation is as important as refractory quality characteristics. At present, refractories are often installed in a traditional way, and these refractory properties are significantly reduced.

Yazd French company has a specialized view on the implementation of insulating and refractory materials and is interested in customers not only to buy quality refractory objects, but also to use them properly so that they can finally benefit from the best properties of these objects.

Accuracy and correct use of methods at the time of use is a French priority of Yazd and the company has invested in it.

faranasooz Yazd, relying on skilled people with experience and using standard facilities and equipment, offers the following services to its customers after purchase:nstall or monitor and help install the installation
Training and justification of the executive forces regarding the method of refractory execution
Explain and follow the correct instructions and percentages for adding water
Explain and follow the instructions for installing refractory materials in different seasons of the year
Training to increase refractory life and improve its performance
Provide advice on reducing refractory costs
Investigate customer problems after implementation and help solve them

The highest quality of refractory is only effective if it is accompanied by the highest quality of installation.

faranasooz Yazd company always considers its goods to be subject to after-sales service.