Competitive Advantages

  • Variety of mass production and parts:
    French Yazd, due to its facilities and technical knowledge, has the ability to produce all kinds of traditional and advanced crimes. Due to the high efficiency of specific and advanced crimes, the company has focused on the production of these objects and has unique abilities to produce them.
  • High quality products:
    The quality of refractory materials and insulation is very key and should not be spared, because the next consequences will be much greater. French Yazd ensures the quality of French products by providing advanced equipment, automation systems, the use of the best raw materials from foreign partners (Alumina, Boxit, Shamut, Andalusite, 2), and being equipped with an active and specialized R&D unit. Created with the highest accuracy and sensitivity.
  • competitive price:
    All our efforts in French Yazd are to always observe the ratio of quality to price, and to offer the best quality of refractory products in accordance with the conditions of customers, and at a reasonable price.
  • after sales services:
    Having quality materials alone is not enough to have refractory properties. Yazd’s Frenchman is well aware of the importance of refractory execution and has a long experience in providing after-sales service, and accompanies customers in all stages of installation and training.
  • Timely delivery:
    Yazd’s Frenchman knows the importance of time for her customers and has the ability to deliver products to customers in the shortest possible time.
  • Accurate packaging:
    Quality must be observed at all stages of refractory production and delivery. French Yazd uses sensitive and accurate technology to package its products.
  • Validity and assurance of purchase:
    The Frenchman of Yazd, with his performance over the past years and the achievement of scientific and executive achievements, has been able to gain an acceptable position among his smart customers and have their long-term support. The company always guarantees its new customers and offers a guarantee for its products and services.