Introducing Faranasooz Yazd Company

Yazd Faranasooz Company was established in 1997 and has been operating since with extensive range of product portfolio and aftersales support services. The company’s business services extend the fields of engineering services, production, procurement and installation of different insulators and refractories. Faranasooz is delighted to have installed well over 360,000 tons of refractories and pieces of castable refractory parts, as well as carbon and oxygen lances for different customers in various industries. Production of different types of insulation and refractory products such as LCC and ULCC are other activities of our company.
Our technical and engineering skills which are at world standard, allow us to procure different bricks, mortars, special parts, ceramic fiber, boards and all insulator and refractories with the appropriate QUALITY and guaranties.
We are committed to the values of strong R&D capabilities in order to respond to differing customer requirements. We strongly emphasise on QUALITY and customer value as our competitive edge. Faranasooz is an agile organization thriving to be the customer’s first choice and be an example as a world class company.

The highly accurate automatic dosing system, designed and built with German Siemens level one automation, special iris mixer designed and manufactured by the German company Irish for use in Yazd and launched with the presence of its experts. The high capability used in addition to the units equipped with research and development, quality control and the use of 100% processed raw materials from the most important global brands without the use of the slightest waste, make the production complex capable of engineering in the refractory industry.

The Frenchman of Yazd is one of the few companies that has not only developed its strategic plan with the help of European consultants, but also implemented this program in the organization and has been continuously reviewing and improving it for seven years. They see strategy, marketing, and human resources.

French Yazd has so far engineered and produced over 300,000 tons of refractory products and is fully prepared to serve the important industries of iron and steel, cement, oil, petrochemicals and refineries, power plants as well as the copper, lead, zinc, aluminum and gypsum industries. It has lime, tile, ceramic, sugar, wood and so on.